Are we all complicit in perpetuating poverty?


We are all disheartened by the level of poverty in many countries. However, many of these countries have natural and human resources that could improve their well-being, under caring leadership. Instead donor countries send billions in aid. This money goes to corrupt governments who do not use the money for the welfare of their people.

Donor countries do not insist on accountability from those who receive. Instead, they simply send more the following year. In addition, donors have to deal with the added costs of refugees and immigrants from these very countries. Presumably most people would prefer to have a good standard of living in their own country, and be free to travel or live elsewhere, as they choose.

The corrupt governments are first and foremost responsible for the strife in their countries. But citizens of donor countries do not demand accountability of their tax dollars that are used for "aid", from their own governments. Perhaps we are too complacent to be concerned. Are we therefore all complicit in cultivating a culture of corruption and perpetuating poverty in developing countries?

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Yeah, probably. I've never been a big fan of the "throw money at it" approach to charity, anyway.

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