Our current world is the best there is - we don't need change

My question: what do you think of this often re-surfacing, contrary view? Is there ever a chance for it to reappear in our generation? And what would be its advantages? Is our current utilitarian mindset blocking our creativity? I can see, that, for example, the suppression of the urge to be "useful" or "purposeful" might create more calm, posed, creative people. Should the "useless" be appreciated more deeply?

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Let's face it... This is just me being completely honest with y'all. There is a ton of shit wrong with this world!

whether you like it or not, things will change

Unfortunately this world is a Dystopia. If you think you have it good you need to start reading the news more often, and not news sources that use AP or Reuters because those 2 are used the most and they are owned by the same family.

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"Says a first world citizen from an oppresing state" excuse my aggressiveness but it's really ignorant what you just said...

We do need change, sadly it won't happen. Not for the better anyways.

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