HERE is the story that MSM, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and Barack Obama should be going after and making a major issue over. Amirite?

Notice: 2 black teens (at least one with a gun), and a mother pushing her baby in a stroller. Mom gets shot and the baby gets killed. No weapons on mom or the baby.
Where is the NAACP or Department of Justice? Exactly - nowhere to be found.

Georgia Teens Indicted for Shooting 13-Month-Old Baby in the FaceDe'Marquise Elkins was charged for 11 counts, including malice murder, for shooting 13-month-old Antonio Santiago in the face.http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/news/2013/03/28/teen-indicted-in-ga-baby-slaying-and-2nd-shooting/
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It seems like these guys were charged and arrested shortly (less than six weeks) after they murdered the baby. I'm sure they'll be found guilty and be in jail for life.

Yes, where is the justice in murders not getting off scot free?

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I think what you enjoy on this site is to put down minorities, specifically black people and Muslims, which are two demographics that amirite has two active users in. (Moi and Mahfuza)

The media doesn't tell about every killing all the time. There was a shooting in Oakland, probably one in Chicago, death in Baltimore, how could people make each of these headliners?

Maybe the black community you're antagonizing isn't saying anything because there is nothing to say? Why would they side with people that are guilty because of their race? A lot of people across America know the prosecution dropped the ball in court and think Zimmerman should be guilty of manslaughter, regardless of the race of either of them or the race of the people thinking it. I think second-degree murder he is not guilty of, but the prosecution didn't do well at all arguing against it (from what I heard). I think he is guilty of manslaughter at the very least. I didn't watch most of the trial, but that's the stuff I heard and my opinion based off of 2 news sources and 3 other people (multiple races, don't worry).

ALSO about that story, they found gunshot residue on the mother and her non-present husband. And the 21 year old daughter of Sherry West thinks that Sherry could've easily done the shooting for insurance money, she even brought it up in a phone call they had (the insurance part). The dad thinks so too, but he's in jail for stalking Sherry and I think he's insane. Now I don't think she did kill the baby, but I'd totally like to know the explanation of the gunshot residue. It's probably just because she got shot or struggled with the shooters, and the father possibly got it from her at the hospital.

ALSO You might want to see Robert Zimmerman's tweet about the incident, if you haven't already.

AAAALLLSSSOOO Jesse J.? Who is that? Do you mean Jessie J? The pop artist? She's white.

@Skr3wBall I think what you enjoy on this site is to put down minorities, specifically black people and Muslims, which are two...

I think you enjoy putting down white people. Just because I CAN see the racism that blacks are guilty of, does not mean that I hate minorities or am a racist.
The media doesn't tell us anything that does not fit the race baiting game they love to play. Instead of listening to Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson, and Barack Obama, you should be listening to and praising the words of black men like Charles Barkley and Bill Cosby. Did you hear what they said about the Zimmerman case? Probably not. I did. And I deeply applaud them for getting it right. If you are not familiar with Dr. Ben Carson, you might want to look him up as well. He runs circles around MSM and the nut jobs who have lost touch with anything that makes sense.
If you hate that I point out the blatant hypocrisy in the black community, then I feel sorry for you. But someone has to do it. Blacks are killing whites and blacks and NOBODY is out protesting or doing a damn thing about it! But if the person who kills the black is white or "white hispanic" (as they labeled Zimmerman), then there will be hell to pay. This is a witch hunt and they won't be happy until there has been a lynching. It is racism to the core and WRONG!
And I would almost BET you had no problem with O.J. Simpson walking free. No protests or demonstrations over that one. The black community lapped that shit up like it was gravy. There was a real case of guilt with tons of evidence AND a mostly black jury. But as long as the black man either gets killed by another race or walks free when he does the killing, the black community seems to have no problem.
Like I said, I am sorry you can't see what is really going on, but don't point at me for being able to. I love the black community as much as any other. And if we are all truly seeking equality and fairness, then skin color in a story CAN NOT be the focus. The Zimmerman case was turned in to a political and racial fiasco well before there was a trial.
I am shocked YOU are not on here taking your fellow black citizens to task who have said some of the most racial things I have ever heard in my life time. The worst one I have heard so far was the comments by Akon. I love his music, but I have a different view of him now after reading what he said.
If you don't know who Jesse Jackson is, then I can't help you with that one.


So if your point is that stories change, that is nothing new. Happens all the time on EVERY issue. If this one case is a fluke, there are a hundred others that could take its place.
Why don't you come out of the closet and quit posting like a phantom little bitch?

Here is a link with a longer more detailed version. Where is the black community decrying this outrage? Stevie Wonder - what about it? Akon - give a tweet. Jesse J. - how about a word?

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