How will you teach A B C to kids who are out of school?

One day, i came across a kid who was looking for something in garbage. He looked like 4 years old, bare feet, as dirty as you can imagine. I was shocked to see this kid who seems to be living in slums nearby. He desperately looked for some time and found a rotten apple. He started eating it without knowing anything about that fruit. He left me in Awe, what would have been my reaction if i have seen my own kid doing this?
I suddenly found myself in a world where millions of kids are forced to live like this. This question turned into a more vast subject of my study and turned into a question which i asked almost everyone around. Why 7 million kids are out of school in Pakistan?
I started travelling across to find these kids and my thumb rule was very simple to look for these kids during school time which is usually between 8am to 2 pm in Pakistan. I found them in segments which are poor. They are either playing with industrial waste or learning begging or doing nothing. They are found doing labor while other kids are learning in class rooms. I found scores of them in my own native village and many of them of on roads during school time or playing in streets. The common thing was Poverty and their parents are too ignorant about their education and they are themselves uneducated to teach them anything.
Now i have identified 10 out of school kids and trying to teach them three things, Identification of Alphabets, Basic Hygiene and basic ethics of life.
So how would you teach them A to Z ? Just share your out of box solution to teach a single alphabet which you may have used to teach your own kid?

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