What do you believe stands between you and complete happiness?

Just a friendly open discussion so take your time and really think about what it is that is standing between you and complete happiness ?

For those that want more: why are you letting it stand in your way or what do you need to do to change that situation ?

If it is very personal and you do not want to share that is OK and just think about the question and maybe there will be some help in the answers of others.

Please do not judge or try to correct someone elses thoughts on this thread as some have tried to do. This is not a debate and is for individuals to explore for themselves.

This is about you and everyone has different feelings and experiences that shapes what they believe is holding them back from happiness so judgement only hinders that process of introspection

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Not being miss-gendered, along with how I see my self

The fact that A: People say a 9-5 is the key to making money and being successful but I hate bosses I hate cubicles and I hate rooms that are painted boring ass white and have loud ticking clocks and flies buzzing around that no one takes care of because they are all such lazy jerkwads or are afraid of getting dirty because they are some kinda pritzy pantz ninny who I could scare away and defeat in a fight just by throwing a t-shirt I wore over their head and bosses are all fat ugly loser males who talk down to women and give you that "you're a bad girl" look that reminds me of a rapist. and 2: The damn post typing bar disappears on Amirite before I can ever finish typing something

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