Micro Parabolic Mirrors - Micro Magnifying Lenses: Can it produce heat for energy?

I have been searching the internet for ways to produce energy and came across wood gasifyers. I saw that people like to use wood fires to heat up the reactor. I then thought of parabolic mirrors and you tubed a man failing at an atempt to produce wood gas with a parabolic mirror. I thought it would make a lot of sense if the parabolic mirror was changed to smaller magnifying glasses like fernel lenses and had hundreds of them around the reactor. At the right distance the heat could be absorbed in to the wood much more precisely. Having a wood gasifyer reactor running on little magnifying lenses incrusted around it , it could put out enough energy to create wood gas I think. If this works then it would be very productive economically and transportation would be very easy. Parabolic Mirrors for the top and bottom of the reactor and a clear magnifying lense pattern for the case.