Did Texas need this commotion over women's health?

Recently, my new adoptive state of residence has come under fire from around the country and even the world when a state senator filibustered the State Senate against a bill that addressed women's health issues.
The bill addressed several issues.
1. Abortions would be limited to 20 weeks.
2. Abortion clinics will meet the minimum standards for medical facilities.
3. Supervising physicians will be accredited at a hospital within 30 miles.
Of the 42 state registered clinics, over 30 do not meet the minimum medical standards. the cost to meet the minimum standards are costly. Most would be forced to close.
Supposedly, some supervising doctors do not meet accreditation requirements and some clinics are farther then 30 miles from a hosptals.
The state senator claimed that this law was an afront to women's health care rights and the meanspirited politics of a conservative group and would drive women to dark alley for abortion by coat hanger. Allowing for rhetoric, I am at a loss as to why anyone would find this new law so terrible.
OK, the 20 weeks? Can't most women decide by the 20th week. Something could happen at the last minute but....
Would anyone want a serious medical procedure done in a facility that didn't met the minimum standards for medical procedures.
Even more so, would anyone undergo a medical procedure in a clinic more then 30 miles from a hospital in case something went wrong? Knowing that things can go wrong, even fatally wrong?
Unaccredited doctors? That's a no-brainer
So what was this state senator railing about?

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