Should government be involved in petty child custody battles that hold no evidence of child abuse or neglect in family courts?

Should petty accusations stand up in family court as it does today?

If any accusation is proved to be untrue should there be a penalty? One heavy one would be accusation of sexual abuse. Think about what the child has to go through in order to disprove this accusation.

Should an unemployed parent (actively looking for work) be forced to pay child support plus contempt of court fees for not being able to pay and should this parent be put in jail?

Do you believe there is inequality within the family courts?

Do you believe the court is really there for the best interest of the children of broken homes?

Is this an easy way our government and lawyers can make money?

Do you believe family court turns the two separated parents even further away from each other from co-parenting?

Is government a good judge of responsibility and fitness as a parent ?