eat one's cake and have it... how is that possible?

How did our universe begin? but simplifying the problem a little... what is the universe made of? ... of what stuff? Probably didn't begin its existence in a particular place because there was no initial void, no emptiness of original space, even NOTHING was!

In relation to the contemporary space can be said that every point is a place where the universe began its existence. So just our universe was only one and it was all over... magic moment in a grain of poppy. And what way was disenchantment? ... This is unfortunately the deepest mystery of science!

The most interesting is, however, as they explained... of which our universe emerged ... namely it emerged out of nothing! Of course now we know that "nothing" is wrong idea... NOTHING doesn't exist.

But even this peculiarity of cosmic soup bubbling with energy is a little too little for the enormity of our universe. And not only is our universe created ... additionally, remains what that was created... which is quite full-bodied soup!

So you can eat one's cake and have it... How that is possible?

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