What are the side effects to eradicating Polio? Is there a way we can put Polio to a good use?

It is intelligent and important to present and consider different viewpoints before making vital decisions. Having watched the presentation about Polio, I want to commend the merits and efforts to prevent Polio from hurting people. The episode lead me to raise this question: If we completely eradicate Polio, what would the side effects be?

Some side effects would be positive, like suggested by the presentation. However, what are potential negative consequences to its extinction? There are things we do not yet understand. For example, it is possible Polio could be used for good at some point, maybe even as a vaccine for some other disease or future disease. Is there a way we can put Polio to a good use? Completely eradicating another species (even a virus) is extreme. Completely eliminating any group is defined as genocide. While it may not seem likely, it is possible, that it could lead to human dismay.

Polio exists. Is there a way we can coexist or create a symbiotic relationship? I don’t have the answer this question, so I’m asking it. The same question could be posed for anything hated by humans. I support the humanitarian approach as I caution people to think about potential positive uses for Polio and possible side effects to completely eradicating it.