Who was your favorite teacher?

I may not be the best of really anything but like anyone I could always dream. I'm nineteen and in college and still to this day I ask Ms. Schutz for advice. Ms. Schutz was funny, intelligent, gave the best advice and was overall exceptional. Life was not the best, and for most I'm sure it wasn't but what made things easier was going to my English class where I'd actually be distracted from everything else. I have a lot of friends, and some can even say I'm popular. I had a job my senior year in high school and moved out. When I did I hung out with a few people on the football team. My senior year of high school was different because it made me feel like I was independent; going to school on my own, going to work close to closing then going to my jujitsu class at 8:20pm. Life was busy and I was okay with that. Being busy distracted me from other things. I'm in college now and things are not the best. I have problems all of the time but I still pass all of my classes with an A or a B and I do this because I have an inspiration, a teacher, and a real friend. It's really hard to consider anyone I know a real friend because being around them either gets me arrested, into an unwanted fight, argument, loss of other friends, and even stress during my finals and everything really just starts to weigh me down but then in the end I focus on who's here and always going to be here and that is my high school English teacher and my best friend Ms. Schutz. I'll never forget the day that our English class went to the J. Paul Getty Museum. This was during a time where my hopes and dreams just started to seem unrealistic. I didn't feel like many of my friends cared and if they did, they cared in a messed up, unfriendly, and demotivating way. I remember going to the restaurant next to the museum with my teacher, she made me feel like a good student and let me know she believed in me. It meant a lot and it’s still in my head till this day.

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