What’s the first & second most important thing to you in your life other than family or partner?

I would expect a diverse range of answers here as this is what is supposed to show the precepts in how our mode of thoughts work, in other words what principles you think by as everybody’s principles are quite different especially when you take in the second most important factor.

This of course would include science, occupation, church/spirituality, hobby, politics, culture, community, sports, economy, environment etc.

The second question is why?

What’s most important to us dictates who we will get along with & who we won’t & of course how we think for example like someone interested in science & the economy will have a different principle of thought to someone who is interested in sports & politics or to someone interested in the religion & community, it’s what makes us think in different ways to each other & in fact it’s important that we do think differently because that is what gives us balance within the social structure. If we all, for example, had the same importance like science & the economy other parts of our social structure would suffer & so would we all in the long run.

I find it interesting how important it is for us all to have different principles of thought.