Do you Practice or Preach?

Whatever your belief set such as:
environmentalist .... etc.

Do you just talk the talk, learn the jargon and extrapolate?
Are you too busy judging and preaching to sincerely embrace the belief set you expound?

Or do you actually walk the talk, practice what you preach?
Do you try to fully adopt the belief set by putting it into action in your daily life?

I'm guessing that few people will own to just superficial preaching as we all want to see ourselves as sincere practitioners. And that's okay if this topic has made you stop and think about which category you are sincerely in!

Of course we can fluctuate between the two but I check people's actions and reaction as I have found words to be quite baseless. Many people say this and that but struggle at every level to follow through, too busy expounding their belief set to actually practice it ...

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