How to create a real "Utopia" where innovation does not meet resistance from embedded individualized centres of wealth and profit

First we must Define Utopia....
Utopia would be a system that maximizes individual human potential, minimizes
individual human suffering, to improve the human condition as a whole. To do this we mus clearly define what are "good" human character traits that are to be striven for and that improve the human condition as a whole and as individuals ,and what are "bad" traits that create human suffering, waste, general dysfunction... then the system needs to reward the "good" traits and punish either economically or socially the bad traits.... this part we already, except we our definitions of good and bad are quite dysfunctional and many times conflicting, as those definitions depend on ones economic and social class, and do not take into account the overall benefit or suffering of ones actions to society and out economy as a whole. In short we need to redefine our idea of positive human traits that we should all foster in ourselves and each other, as our Social definition of a "Hero" so that they incorporate the idea of
Enlightened Self Interest" What is apparent from these TED talks is that we have
the technological ability and intelligence to solve the most pressing problems of
our day, we simply lack the Social and interpersonal dynamic to make it happen.
There is far too much inherent resistance to adapting these ideas due to our
present old animal fear based survival of the fittest evolutionary drives upon which our political and economic models that humanity uses and unconsciously and perpetuates on a daily basis. This dynamic is in direct opposition to our expanding population and dwindling natural resources....we are creating our own crisis on a daily basis, mindlessly marching as a species towards a cliff that is obvious for anyone who happens to raise their head and look up and see it..... all we need to do is admit it and choose not to do that.