Can "mental illness" sometimes be a part of what a person is rather than illness?

I am feeling like there is all the time coming more and more diagnosis for different kind of mental illnesses by the day. Could it be that something labelled outside the norm would actually be a part of who somebody is rather than illness?

If trend goes on like this could soon everyone who is outside some narrow standard norm be mentally ill ?

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Unfortunately so with humanities constant need to constrain things into a categorical perspective we tend to lose sight of our own individuality as a whole while many points of perception manifest from the semi conscious state of our own mind being unique and therefore completely different it has become deemed necessary to label and profile anyone without taking into regard to how we handle the world as a whole. At the end of the day when the consensus is taken it will most likely run on the principle of how many people exhibit classification a over classification b and so on and so forth. The closest we have to a goal is the constant strive for neuro-diversity and neuro-acceptance/tolerance which makes this seemingly dystopic judgemental reality a bit easier to handle with the bitter chaser of cold hard facts that date back to in my view to Hippocrates himself.

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