Is there a Universal Mean Time (UMT) for all of the Universe?

Just today, I was wondering about the latest galaxy discovered, supposedly close to the edge of the big-bang and it was pretty mind numbing to read that it took the light many billions of years to reach earth. This in effect also means that the further and further we look with the most strongest and advanced of telescopes, the more backwards in time the images bring us to. As to what is happening to that galaxy (or happened) at this point of time (this very instant) is shielded by this seemingly impenetrable screen of distance which is of course again limited by the speed of light. The time-gap, as I choose to call it in this context, is many billions of years plus But there are time gaps even for nearer celestial objects like the star Alpha-Centauri where it takes the light 4 years plus to reach us. So we see the star today as it was say in 2009 and so also would any person on that star see us as. Even the Sun has a time gap of 8 minutes or so and the moon, a few seconds.

In that analogy, even a person standing one meter away from us has a time gap of that distance divided by the speed of light. Even though that number would be infinitesimally small, it is still not zero. So all our perceptions of our external world has a time-gap and it seems that we can never escape this. Each conscious being has its own sense of time. U are a past image to me and so am I to U. U have already HAPPENED for me and not HAPPENING. So is I to U. It is only happening within my own consciousness.

In this light, the question to ask here is: Is there something called universal consciousness of time, which takes in and comprehends the present at all parts of space in the same instant. Is there an UNIVERSAL PRESENT (like we have the GMT as a standard across various time-zones in our own little Earth). Should we call it as the UMT (Universal Mean Time) Is it possible to be in the present everywhere?

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