Where did math originate from?

So we know that everything that is, is one. In some way or another everything in the whole universe is linked, it runs off the same codes that create music, gravity, speech, chemicals, light, frequencies, math etc. down to the structure of an atom to the structure of the whole universe it self. Our solar system is like clock work, all the planets rotate at certain speeds on their axis and around the sun in relation to how far they are from the sun and their mass (Conservation of angular momentum) we can find this also in tornados, cyclones, galaxies and the water the spirals down our drain.. These ratios are even the same found in music, the ratio and distances between notes of a MA7th chord is the same to that of that to the planets in our solar system. (Our solar system is humming at the sound of a major 7th chord), and the universe supposedly hums at the perfect pitch?
Our moods can change listening to music which is just vibrations in the air splitting the space around it to carry across the message it wish's to convey. These vibrational frequencies can be found in light and colour as well which can also shape our mood (green is calming, red is dangerous and fast), and across many factors which hold our universe together.
Anyway to the point, us humans have now figured out these codes and formulas and put meaning to them and understand them (to an extent), but where did they originate from? From where did they come from?
Did some higher being write them? Is it just a thing humans have made up to try and make sense of it all? Or have they just always existed?

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