Who inspires you most in life, & why?

So i was recently thinking about who has made an impact on my life & why this person has done so.

A family member of mine got seriously ill and was in intense care for 7 days. Fortunately she lived but then spent 7 months in hospital. Her illness left her with brain damage.
Before she got ill she was pregnant, about to buy a house with her boyfriend & finally got her dream job as a social worker.
When she got home she had lost the house she was going to buy, her job, her driving license & her memories.
It took her a long time to accept what had happened.
Now she is so thankful that her and her baby boy are alive and well, and that you have to live each day to it's max. She always says "I must have been horrible in my other life for this to happen to me in this one."

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