What does it take to become a writer?

Many times I want to write, but always end up a mess. What do you need to be a writer? Persistence, unique views?

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you have to read a lot
the more you read
the better the writer you become

Like Fuzala said, you have to read a lot. When I read days on end, I find myself wanting to write something. The problem for me though, is that I can never finish any story that's not a short one.

You also might want to keep a journal and write in it everyday.

You don't really need anything but your imagination. There's not really a rule to being a good writer, besides proper grammar. You can write about random stuff, if you want. That's just if you think about writing as a hobby instead of a profession.

I don't know what it takes to be a professional writer (although one of my poems have been published in a book and one of my articles featured in a newspaper). You can try joining a few writing sites and post your writing on them. Other people can review it and tell you what they think. Some people give you feedback and constructive criticism. Plus, it increases your mood to want to write when you see a whole community of people who love to write. Trust me, I've joined 2 (well, actually way more than 2 but I only check two. I didn't like the others as much.)

Also, you could try entering online writing competitions that are free and suitable for you. That's how my poem wound up in a book along with a lot of other young writers. You just have to remain positive that yours might get picked over thousands, and understand that if it doesn't, it doesn't mean you're not a good writer. It just means that there were better writers, and you just need to practice more. You can't become a good writer overnight.

So, yeah. That's my advice. I'm still trying to decide if I want to go to college and learn more about writing, get a creative writing degree. I just fear that I won't be able to finish anything I start, and so I probably don't really have a future as a writer and therefore should go to college for something more useful (I've always wanted to be a veterinarian since a young age, and I'm also thinking about getting into agriculture) and just write on the side.

A dream and a vision! You can be anything you want if you want it bad enough!

to write, make you a "writer"lol so picking up a pen and writing words i suppose

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