In Christianity who wrote the Bible?

Recently i attended an inter-religious dialogue, and a pastor was asked about previous books where he confidently stated to which apostle of God it was sent to like, Moses, David, and Jesus. he was further asked, "if the bible is the book of God to whom was it send to?" meaning which apostle. He said it was sent to all and when further asked who wrote it down, he said i don't know, so I ask again who wrote the bible?

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No one knows who wrote the majority of the bible. There are sections that are said to have been written by people like Jeremiah, Ezra and such, but even their writings have been edited and redacted at a later date, and some of their writings in the books of their name is not theirs. As far as the NT that's a good question, they know most of the epistles were written by the same person, acclaimed to be Paul. But who is Paul? No one seems to know who or from where he came from, outside of the bible.

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