how can we adapt to the changing world ?

the world consists of all individuals .you can not live alone .so how can we live a better life how can we adapt to others? how can we adapt to the changing world?

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there is a good chance we cannot

The ability to adapt to each other is basically an impossibility on a large scale. You'll have a hard time trying to convince everyone to alter their lives to co-exist around conflicting ideals and beliefs on how things should work. Most people can't just accept difference and let it flow past them without purposely causing conflict because their pride says they are right and anything else is wrong and must be changed.

Our ability to adapt to the changing world is limited to what we can physically create to survive in it. Our climate and resource supply are changing to quickly for us to acclimate naturally. At the same time, the things we create to live in this world directly affect our resources and damage the environment (and on a larger scale the climate) which requires us to continue building to survive those changes. Essentially, our efforts to continue living in comfort damage our world forcing us to work harder to produce the same level of comfort in an continuing cycle until we reach a point where we can no longer survive.

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