Water Wars: Are they avoidable?

Some parts of the world mainly the poor regions especially Africa and South Asia face severe water problems. All you can see in most places is cracked ground, cactus and almost no signs of life. Water problem is a huge problem.

But it can trigger wars too... Nuclear wars. Take Pakistan and India for example. Several wars have taken place between these two nuclear neighbors since their Independence 65 years ago. Both countries face severe poverty and of course water problem.

Most of Pakistan's major rivers come through India. India has already started building dams and several major projects over almost all of those rivers which violate the treaties signed previously regarding the rivers. Since in the future, population will increase and water coming through these rivers will get lesser and lesser, a huge war(or even nuclear war) might start between the two nations.

You may say that finding reserves of water underground is a solution like they have found in any African country recently. But is it possible to do that in countries where GDP is lower than the world average, where most people don't give tax and a country which is deeply surrounded by a curses like 'loan' and corrupt leaderships?

Water problems are getting worse over the past few years and I can't imagine them getting any better in the near future. In that case then, will it be possible to avoid water wars?

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