Should we resume whaling?

Today, this world is facing serious problems regarding the whale populationthe whale population is decreasing, and people are engaging more and more in catching whales for commercial purposes. IWC have tried to restrict this with a moratorium, but it has not yet been that successful. A lot of people argue that we should just resume whaling, though, for scientific puposesso that we can learn more about whales, and eventually help them. Some people argue otherwise, saying that basically the only thing people are going to do when the whale population increases will be to catch them again for commercial uses anyways. Some people say that we should just leave it as it is, while others disagree. So the question is, should we resume whaling? If so, for what benefits? For what benefits that will be able to overcome the problems?

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Absolutely not. Many species of whales are endangered. Commercial use is already unacceptably high as it is. A fair amount of research can be done without harming the whales. Whales are essential to helping balance the ecosystem.

Um I don't get it lol

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