Is there a link between insanity and genius?

Insanity, genius, mental illness and madness are all labels we give to people who think and behave in ways that seem beyond, or outside what is seen as 'normal'.

Firsly, what is 'normal', and who labels it so?

Does 'mental illness' deserve such a label, or can so-called normality widen its scope to accept it as 'thinking differently' instead?

What and where is the demarcation line between madness and genius - and who draws that line?

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i have to say, yes. someone who is a genius, truly understands things, unlike most of the people, who are illogical most of the time. As people see the genius as indifferent to their beliefs, they simply call her/him insane. Technically, there is no link between these two. But when you understand the society's definition of these two words, you may find one.

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