The Fake expansion of our universe?

We are living in one of the multiple possible universes with certain dimensions and our universe is expanding over time. The distance between galaxies is getting greater and the density of matter in our universe is lower than before because of the expansion of our universe.

We are given a certain amount of energy and no matter how we use, the amount of energy will not be changed and the energy will not be vanished. We cannot create or destroy energy instead convert energy into different forms.

If we cannot create energy, our universe cannot create new matters or expand itself. Because expanding our universe or creating new matters requires additional energy. We are living with a certain share in a pie of the multiverse and our universe is actually absorbing or infecting the universes in that pie in order to keep our universe on expanding over time. Or some of the other universes are collapsing; the density of matter in that collapsing universe is getting higher and pulling our universe and lowering our universe’s density. It makes the “Fake expansion" of our universe?

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