Can forgiveness be exercised by everyone?

Most of us has been told or heard of "forgive and forget".

We know in some religion that wrongs are known as "sins", and sins can always be "repented", as dictated by some religious scriptures. Some religions perform repentances in places known as "confessions" or "confessional booths".

It is hard to believe that a mistake can so easily be relinquished if you just tell someone.

I think to fix an error, one must take action in a positive way.

On TV, there are always some new way of an individual or small group taking radical action to greatly affect many lives in a negative way.

They seem to have copy-cats as well after it has aired on national television, which seems a bit counter-productive.

Let's say that the individual or group wants to redeem themselves, but their actions were far from a petty crime, like the batman shooter in colorado.

In some religions, they say to love everyone, including your enemies or someone like the batman shooter.

Can someone who did something so radical be forgiven or redeem themselves from their actions?

It is a bit hard to believe that every mistake can be righted.

Can forgiveness be excercised by everyone, or is it only used by someone not involved in an incident so traumatizing?

Should those people and families involved have a right to take radical action toward these radical individuals'?

These crimes are neither petty nor of national proportions like WWII, but those inbetween situations.

It seems hard to be happy, and find compassion to forgive after being victims in these events.

Is there wisdom in those religious scriptures, or are we fooling ourselves?

Not sure where I was headed with this question, but I am a bit criticizing of how over-played the news can be on such serious events.

Like there was no need to get the family of the batman shooter involved with his actions. Really sad how the media hypes things up.

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Yes. Not always easy to do, and many choose not to.

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