How long can humans survive on planet Earth?

Will human's become extinct after a few years/centuries? Is that possible?

How long can life on our planet be sustained @ the current rate of deforestation, pollution, global warming, natural disasters etc? How long will our planet be fit for living, if no changes are initiated? The environment our next generation will see will be a lot different from the one that we see. What may happen if Earth is no longer the Earth that supported human life? Our population is growing... But, the resources of our planet are not getting any better, but worse!!! And the sun is getting red hot with time, as if it is angered by our acts towards mother nature...

There are also threats from the nuclear weapons , from asteroids etc... Is there any way to prevent catastrophe from that end? Have we developed enough technology to divert/destroy huge asteroids that may come & destroy our planet?

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I have no idea.

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