Why do we have two genders?

Why is it that we need a man and a woman in order to naturally reproduce? Why not asexual or 3 different genders?

I've thought about how interesting evolution turned out to be. If we reproduced asexually, then aren't we effectively just creating a clone of ourselves? But when we reproduce like we do now, we give the offspring 2 different genes with dominant/recessive traits.

So maybe it was because we needed a female and male to survive a harsh environment of some sort, or otherwise we wouldn't need to and we'd just reproduce asexually. So if we required 3 genders to reproduce, maybe this would be needed to survive an even harsher environment? Or do we just need two genders to create intelligent life...

Would this also warrant the same outcome if there was a planet almost identical to earth? Like would intelligent life on that planet also take the form of similar skeleton structure, similar muscle structure, similar brain and organs?

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The reason why we have only two genders...I would say because for a very long time we have only been able to reproduce with sexual organ a biological male and a biological female have. Because of that, there was only a "demand" for two sexes. Anyone who was a third, or different gender was passed by because there was "no need" for them. But because you no longer have to find someone to have sex with to have a kid, other genders are popping up, because they are not longer being passed by. Society has changed and made it easier for them to live there life and not be drowned out for reproducing with just one biological male and one biological female.

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