Is consciousness both a function of determinism and free will simultaneously?

Our future has been written in every possible way. Contemporary experiments have demonstrated that consious perception of an event lags behind the actual event. Really. This lends creadence to a deterministic view and is in line with the theory of relativity. Perhaps this is true, maybe we just experience what is to have been all along and consciously assimilate the input experience into a deception of effecting an output thereby collectively we perceive choice as effecting future when it may not. Perception is a funny thing, for no measurement of the physical world can be made outside this closed microcosm but indeed evidence for entanglement and infinite expansion have hinted at a much greater "reality" then that which we perceive and can measure. Or perhaps perception constitutes the whole of reality. However, as a function of a macrocosm, if the cosmologists and quantum physicists are on to anything, it appears that our universe is one of many in which all possibilities have likely occurred. What if the perception of free will and the passing of time is an outcome of us changing between possible universes and not experiencing just one. Perhaps perception of a constant universe is not actual constancy. Maybe all possible outcomes have happened in the multiverse and are predetermined, but consciousness straddles the arrow of time choosing from fixed possibilities sliding laterally between substrate determined universes. What if instead of moving through a constant perceived reality the action of consciousness is to move between realities thus perpetuating a sense of past an future within the predetermined greater macrocosmic multiverse. As a function of a closed system where everything that can happen will happen and has happened, free will exists as the necessary perception of the happening. Could all of us be perpetually jumping from universe to universe from moment to moment and perceiving this as the passing of time within one closed system?

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