The next Industrial Revolution: How do we prepare for it?

The last "revolution" which was the ability to recreate and share data from our homes through the internet and the use of computers is still not solved yet.

We react like noone saw it coming that at one point it would be possible to recreate for example music and videos in 2 mousclicks. A huge debate is going on about how to distribute things which are basically free to recreate (even tho everyone could potentially have it)... and there are such simple solutions to it yet we are stuck in endless debates.

I see the next revolution coming which carries the last revolution into the "physical" world. Im talking about 3D printing which is becoming cheaper and cheaper. I see it coming that one day everyone will manufacture the things he wants at home from raw materials.
And i see the outcry coming which is going to inhibit this development and will basically disrupt our new gained ability.

So my question is: Shouldnt we prepare for it now?! So we dont end up in emotional debates where one party fears to loose it all whilst the other one fights for the right to make use of technology that changes the way our economy works.

I think we should bring well thought out laws into place now and propose business models which handle this exact scenario in which everyone can make use of a blueprint and he/she only needs the raw materials.

How can we inhibit the mess of debates and this fight for money as its going on today?

-because it will come within the next 20 years (i could even imagine 10 years)

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ask china it is their turn right now

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