Should we class migraine as a mental illness?

I occasionally get migraine and so did my mum before me. It usually, but not always, involves a crippling headache, a day or more in bed, vomiting, impaired vision. But worse is the confused feeling that your brain has too much to process, the brain fog that means for days you can be confused by the most simple tasks. When you speak to doctors about it they usually say 'are you sure it's not just a headache'? Eventually mine gave me some tablets that squeeze the blood vessels in my head which are totally ineffective and just make me feel like my head is in a vice.

I'm sick of this not being taken seriously by anyone and people assuming I can't handle a headache. I wonder if people should be looking at migraine as a mental illness rather that a physical illness when we don't seem to have any idea what causes it? When I have a migraine it feels more like I am going mad, like my brain has let me down, than like when I get a virus or a bug or something.

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Chronic, yes, and do, though I'd be careful with the "mental" part of that. That might seem a bit arguable.

You are not mental, and if you have a doctor who is brushing off your migraines, find another doctor. I've had migraines - I KNOW how you hair can hurt, how your eyelashes hurt, how you can't keep anything down, you can't move your head, how you can't stand any light, any noise, how the pounding in your head won't quit. I've had to get pain shots at an ER to stop the headache/nausea. Get a doctor who gets that.

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