If you knew you were dying in 60 seconds, what would your last words be?

What would your last words be?

Image for post If you knew you were dying in 60 seconds, what would your last words be?
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"Stay gold, Ponyboy... Stay gold..."

"I'm going ghost"

They'd most likely be

'I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone. Honey if you stay I'll be forgiven, nothing you can say can stop me going home'

Just because.

i don't like to speak while masturbating

Respect my beliefs in death and don't tell people I went to heaven and especially be honest about me at my funeral.

"The million dollars is hidden..." and then die.

That would depend on who was there. If it were my parents I'd go off on a shpeel about how they're great and all that stuff.

If my friends were there, I'd tell 'em that being alive was a hell of a lot of fun with them around.

If it was my boyfriend I'd go off on a mushy tangent and give him a final hug/kiss.

If nobody was there, I'd just close my eyes and accept it.

"My only regret is that I have boneitis."

Something really obscene so if someone asks what my last words were they'll be embarrassed to repeat it.

Well this probably isn't what I'd really say. I mean I'd probably be a little afraid honestly. But for the sake of this post:

I've lived a good life. I've experienced many things and tried to figure out what it all means. I never did but I did find meaning in the people I've come to know and love. I hope there's more than just this life because if this life was so interesting and full of near endless possibilities, imagine what an afterlife could hold. If not, it's been fun.

Honestly, I don't know. This is what I'd hope they be:

Thank you God for allowing me to live this life. My life and my death are all for you. Thank you for allowing me to live up until today, and I understand that another day is not guaranteed and it's now my time to go.

If my family were in the room:

I love you all. I hope you enjoy the rest of your life, and don't be too sad that I'm passing. I've lived a good life, and it's my time to go. Remember, God has a plan for all of you. Goodbye.

Or maybe I'd say this to them:

Check my laptop because I have a lot of poems and stories. My last wish is for you all to get them published so that I'll be alive, even when I'm not. Nobody has ever seen them because they have sat in my computer. Thank you, I love you!

If I even have time to get all of that in.

Or maybe all three summarized and combined.

I might play one last trick on my siblings. http://www.amirite.com/753510-i...are-i-left-the

" I love everything. The trick to being so content with life is to make the best of everything, not to have the best of everything. The only person stoping you from being what you want is yourself. I have no regrets, nor enemies. I love my friends and family, and they should carry on when I am gone, because mourning will do no good."

Holy fuck, Im dying. Got 60 second left. gee how did that happen. how random, oh 20 seconds left see yall later..chuck me in the ocean haha

Tell Laura I love her

I left a million dollars in the..

the Shahadah

at least
that's what I hope

Someone... help me get this walnut outta my throat... anybody?

If my family were there, tell them I love them (or if not tell the person to tell them I love them). With a full minute tell something to each of them, for example tell my sister I'm proud of her etc.


I would lie down and start crying.

Are the people I know crying because I'm dying, or crying because I'm going to be gone?

Stay golden, ponyboy

This is a dumb post.

Thank you Jesus for the life you gave me.

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