Too many pop bands get away with making bad pop music because they dub themselves "alternative". For example Bastille.

Far too many bands that are making pop music get undeserved protection in critical circles because they are supposedly "alternative". I have no problem with pop music but I am annoyed by bands (such as the aforementioned Bastille) getting a free pass at making crap pop music because they are apparently alternative. I do not see what is alternative in the slightest about bands that make music that is very similar too pop music (in that it relies on a catchy chorus and not a whole lot else). Surely to be called "alternative" you must be doing something different to what is mainstream. This is why Radiohead are still an alternative rock band despite selling millions of records as they do not rely on music being catchy and have a level of risk taking that is not commonplace in pop music. It just annoys me that most pop stars get a reputation for making bad music but bands like Bastille get a free pass despite doing a very similar thing.

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