The modern-day job market is a modern-day slave market.

When people need to be at a particular place and time and do what is required of them by other people in order to obtain money to stay alive, that is slavery. The 99% of the population are enslaved to the 1% wealthiest part of the population. People, like giraffes, are born to be free. This type of enslavement causes social ills, individual unhappiness and insanity.

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I think that definition of slavery is too broad. It basically includes anyone that has responsibilities to another person.

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It's not slavery unless the person literally owns the "slave". It's actually really insulting to compare today's job market to slavery. Showing up at a certain place at a certain time to do a job for money is employment. You don't do anything you didn't agree to. Your boss isn't well within his rights to rape/beat/starve/murder you at their discretion. Being owned isn't employment, you can't terminate the contract whenever you want.

Yeah, we might have it rough, but comparing it to slavery is a joke. We may as well start passing out purple hearts to soldiers who stubbed their toe overseas.

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What Mike said. I define slavery as ownership of another person. Having to do something you don't want to do just isn't a good definition of slavery. There's going to be times in life where you need to do things you don't want to do to survive no matter how healthy society is.

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