Laws are just sad attempts to stop regularly occurring problems in society but they don't fix the problems.

If a man in a village gets a gun and shoots a person this could be considered a terrible crime so law enforcements remove the individual. Another man was then shot in the same village by a different person. And this problem keeps reoccurring over and over again, but people still keep getting shot. Why, the cops have removed the people that did the shooting, why is there still a possibility that people could be shot? It's because they haven't removed the problem. The real problem could be the gun. This could apply to many other laws if you just think about it. Identify the problem, the true problems.

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they have been known to fix the problem for many cases and for many people

I don't jaywalk solely because it's illegal
(well that was the case at first)
and from a religious standpoint
I should follow the law of the land wherever I live
(within reason of course)

I know this because I used to jaywalk before I found out it was illegal wary smilie

the streets were empty
and I made sure nothing could hit me

but the law made me realize that
even if no car is in sight
cars are much faster than you and can come in to your line of sight
but then it might be too late
(because the vehicle is now too close to stop from pummeling you"

I saw a girl almost get pummeled by a car because she was "jay-biking"

bikes are not faster than cars
for the most part

there are definitely stupid laws out there
(like don't wear flip flops too late into the night
I haven't figured that one out
maybe because it's hard to see and you might injure your foot or something)

but many times
there are laws that seem pointless
but in reality
serve an important purpose

for example
the jaywalking rule

I see people break that all the time
and I think the excuse is that "why shouldn't I cross when it's empty"

I already explained how that could still be dangerous

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Sometimes the first step in abolishing something is making it illegal. Maybe not the only step, but definitely an important one.

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This is a crappy argument for gun control. People are still cruel and if someone wants to kill another person, they will find a weapon somehow. If we take away the "problem", which you said was guns, they would still find a knife. So should we take away knifes too? Or maybe all sharp objects? No, the problem was indeed the murderer. He/she should be taken out of society because he/she is the problem, not the gun.

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