Positive attitude is the result of positive thinking, positive ideas and coming with new solutions.

Possibilities become realities, once the thinking process looks beyond the notion of “impossible”, which acts as a “limiting block” often automatically before any exploration or search begins to make its journey from the unknown to known.

There are always possibilities and positive ideas and even physical choices among the available resources, though often ignored by most of us, Why? Simply because our minds usually seek to learn the knowledge (facts) but not striving to learn “how to think effectively?” which is in fact a key element in the process to learn “how to use the knowledge” to explore and discover new possibilities and find better solutions.

Many people follow pre-set patterns of concepts and theories treating notions of the past as sole authority or reliable reference. Some academics have been promoting and strictly following such approach for many years. Thus, as result hundreds of thousands minds learnt the facts and figures as they are described in the text books. As a result, our minds get used to with “not to think differently” and literally follow what is written in the books to achieve a formal certification of knowledge.

Yet, it is amazing that whenever there was any scientific, artistic or social creativity, inventions and developments by the humans, it first came as an idea and eventually became a possibility and transformed into realities just by “thinking differently”. Even that truth is acknowledged and accepted by all. However, there aren’t many places to educate minds to learn creatively, “how to think” with new perspectives to explore new dimensions and find new meanings.

We have to learn how to think positively about any aspect of life, we also have to learn how to attain peace of mind and get ultimate satisfaction to satisfy our curiosity and fulfill needs of our lives.

Hence, If we do not learn how to think, we may never know the positive choices which are, in fact, always available and accessible to all of us.

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