You will succeed, as long as you can see light at the end of the tunnel. Listen only to yourself.

My passion was manufacturing, and I excelled at running small and large plants. A move to a dry climate. My passion was marketing, and I excelled at building a Health Insurance Company from scratch. My passion was research and development and I excelled at maufacturing a TVRO satellite system to market to hotels and motels. My passion was the real estate forclosure markets and I excelled at buying and selling commercial properties. My passion was bullion and I excelled at building a brokerage exchange. My passion was golf and I excelled at fabricating and marketing golf clubs world-wide. I only play golf once in my life, and only to the 15 hole. I rode the reast of the way.

My great careers numbered 21. There were more failed attempts than successful ones.

Those are the great careers. Never be afraid to fail.

I think my life has been satisfying -- When the tax man came to my door, and asked why not? I responded, that you cannot get blood from a tunip.