Humans have almost always been overpopulated.

Populations grow and shrink exponentially when there is a difference between the birth rate and the death rate. If the birth rate is below the death rate the species goes extinct. Birth rates do not magically match death rates, thus every species that is not extinct has a birth rate above their death rate, until their numbers reach the limits of what can be maintained by the environment. Death rates are forced to rise to at least match the birth rate in order to stop the population growth.

Humans are no different. We have not throttled our birth rates, and have been in existence for enough time to have hit the limit.

This means that humans are overpopulated, and have generally always suffered the effects of overpopulation.

We can explain that fact that our numbers have grown, and stabilized, and grown, and stabilized throughout history by the fact that we have the ability to discover better techniques for acquiring our sustenance. When we discovered farming techniques, we raised the limit, and the population bloomed to fill it back up. When we discovered how to make fertilizer, we raised the limit, and the population is again blooming to fill it back up.

We must not assume we are not overpopulated. We must assume we are overpopulated.

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I'm not following...you're saying we've been around long enough to have hit our limit but we still have a high birthrate, therefore we're overpopulated.
Which doesn't make sense. Overpopulation has to do with how much resources are available, not how long a species has been around. It sounds like you're making a big assumption saying we've been around long enough to have reached our limit. Based on what?

But even looking past that point, you go on to say that we can see that we're able to grow because technology allows us to get more sustenance. Pretty much by definition, overpopulation requires a species running out of resources. The increased competition is what increases the death rate. You said it yourself, we raised the limit of how many people we can accommodate. So why you think humans are perpetually "over the limit" is beyond me.

Also, contrary to popular belief these days, there is both enough food and land on earth for every single person currently on the planet.

Land: http://www.treehugger.com/susta...-in-texas.html

Food: http://www.worldhunger.org/arti...cts%202002.htm

The huge problem is in the distribution of these things. Assuming we're overpopulated will do nothing. We already have the tools to fix the problem; it's just about figuring out how to use what we have.

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Erhmmm considering overpopulation is a myth I think you might be wrong.

Research it

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