Its okay to be crazy about anything, especially with your beliefs.

As a teenage girl, in her last days of high school, I've kept to this belief. Ever since I was a kid, people called be crazy, weirdo, insane, freak at some point and I was because even as a kid I was proud to be called one. It made me feel special and as I grew up, the bad points of being crazy stood out and as stubborn as I am, I learnt a lot of things the hard way.

In my school, if you were crazy with a passion, you were counted as the no life and as I was a crazily passionate design student, my fate lied there . However, I realized that its okay to be the person who is always in the library studying or shooting hoops everyday or locking yourself in your room doing art. It seems to depress a lot of people because it seems that others are living and your not. Sometimes, that even demotivates them, thinking that they never can be good enough...

But honestly, that's where it starts. You have to believe in yourself that you can achieve things and do things and I supposed that makes you "crazy" because you are one of the few who do. If you are crazy enough to believe you can do something (that may seem practically impossible), you will one day. Think about great inventors who created technologies or the first light bulb, they must have believed they could have succeeded and everyone else thought they were mad to go through so many failures. But look at them now.

From personal experiences, I wanted to be a design entrepreneur and it happened. I was for a period of time in high school. Day after day, I designed calculator covers, people loved them and I was going to expand but hit a failure (got caught doing illegal business). Till today, that's my dream and I think we should all should strive to be crazy because sometimes you just have to be in order to do what you will and change the world with whatever passion you have.

So strive to be crazy for your passions, because one day, they will happen!

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