iPads if used correctly in the classroom can develop children's creativity.

I believe, if iPads are used correctly in the classroom by teachers they can develop children's creativity. It is imperative that teachers know what skills the iPad can be developed, otherwise it's use in the classroom could be wasted. Technology now needs to be central to children's learning in the classroom with creative well planned teaching. Every teacher using the iPads in their class should be asking; How is this technology going to enhance the teaching and learning in the my classroom? Show the children what the iPad can do, what it can be used for, they soon pick up how to use apps through trail and error. The option for the audio, visual tools are endless! Facilitate children to direct their own learning and what skills and knowledge they need to be able to do that. Let them experiment, children will quickly master it. Ask children to blog about their experiences on the iPads - get learning on the iPads to viral! An example of creativity of use of the iPad could be in a maths lesson. Using Skitch the children could import their pictures of different angles they found around the school.. They could draw the angles, measure using a protractor - maths in the real world. Alternatively, they could do the same lesson but this time use SonicPics to create a photostory with voice recordings of their findings.

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They can be a great recourse, but I'm not sure that they would aid on creativity.

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