Let students help reform education

Education needs reform. For the most part this is what the general consensus is. However, there is an assumption that change needs to come from the top- the administrative level.

I propose that we instead, reform education from the bottom- through the students, parents, and teachers.

My idea is create an online forum where students, parents and faculty are able to propose ideas to improve their education experience, debate about them, and vote upon other people's ideas. Ideas could be as small as adding a composting bin in the lunchroom, or putting carrots in the vending machines to large ideas like purchase of a laser printer for public use.

If an idea has a certain number of votes and doesn't violate certain fixed constraints listed by the 'constitution' (rules like ideas cannot discriminate between individuals), then the idea is implemented (or the principal can veto it).

I think that this forum has the potential to create socially empowered students--who will understand that their voice and participation can help change the community.

What do you think? Do you think it is feasible?
Would this work?

Thanks for listening to my idea.

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