Political Giving Should Be Left to the Living

Millionaires and Billionaires leave millions in foundations for charitable purposes. That's fine. The dead should not be able to give politically, or to create or support political entities like think tanks or "grass roots" groups.

A handful of billionaires, all dead, are spending millions to end the New Deal. From the grave. The people who gave the money may not have loved FDR's ideas at the time, but, being dead, they have no way to even re-evaluate their thinking in light of decades of change. Their money is a juggernaut which is causing gridlock and joblessness in the name of rolling back America to the 19th century.

I just finished several weeks of research on what I call "The Dead Billionaires Club" for my ezine at Truth-2-Power, and the more that I've read, the more I'm convinced it is necessary for the tax law regarding foundations and non-profits to be amended to allow charitable giving, but not to political causes or groups.

If the ideas of the dead are truly valid, then those still living who agree with them should be able to come up with enough money and organization to have their voices heard.

There are enough trust funders and those with low scruples who don't mind taking the money to agitate. They need to find other forms of employment.

It is not fair to millions of the living without means for their voices to be drowned out by a handful of dead people who no longer participate in society, but whose great wealth left over from their lifetimes can finance their agenda decades after it may even cease to be relevant.

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