Complete renewable energy replacement of fossil fuels ASAP

What would you say if I told you I could generate all of the electricity mankind would need naturally for as long as man walks the Earth, without negativly impacting the Earths ecosystem? I can compress air naturally in a hundred million different places around the world, in a dozen or more different ways, then I can transport that air safely anywhere it is needed on the planet, and use that compressed air in a HYPEG device to generate electricity locally where ever it is needed whenever it is needed. I can literally store energy, just like fossil fuels, until we need it. I do not care that the wind is not blowing in the middle of the day when I need it, I captured the wind turbines energy last night when I did not need it and saved it for today! Never again will man have to foul the air with hydo carbons in order to satisfy his need for energy. Come on, challenge this, I can not wait to show everyone how to do this!

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