Alternative Energy should not be profit driven

There are many companies across the planet researching the new forms of alternative energy. Many may be carrying out the same type of research, but because there is a great deal of money involved, they do not share their research, as they see it as an investment. Sharing this new technology would surely impact their own profits.

If only one company were to develop the next alternative energy, then it would result in a monopoly. The company would control the worlds energy supply, much in the same way the oil companies are in control now.

Imagine, instead of having 100 companies researching alternative energy for personal gain, a global fund pays for the research of this technology. Once developed the designs for this tech would be distributed freely, and can be incorporated into cars and the like. The result would be that less resources would be required for the development, and the final product would be produced by every company that has the capacity to make such technology, increasing competition and lowering prices and profits.

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Everything is profit driven. You're friends with people because you profit from the good feelings you get from being friends with them. You go to work because you profit from the paycheck. You buy things because you profit from the way your new product enhances your life. People own businesses because it provides them with a paycheck.

Also, how can you be so sure that increasing funding for research will always end with results? Research funding can only go so far.

Once again, Anon, your ideas are very farfetched and don't seem to be thought out very much.

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