Make every day a "Do Good" day!

The Alarm rings, BUzzz- "Hello, Its a brand new day". Specially on a Monday morning we wish this Monday never had existed. Finally we have to get up and make our day about to get starting. Now getting to point, We walk out briskly to reach our offices, workstations, shops etc. At that time there is only one thing going on in the mind to be on Time and be on our commitment what we strive for. Just put one more thought into memory, Just without being selfish (sorry to be rude) that watching every worried, starving, a glaze for hope in the eyes to A person who's being harassed , discriminated, waiting for salvation for his hunger!!!
What will you do? Move on keep watching and just a head shake?? We put blame to our governments all the time. Come on they never cared, They are not one of our kind!! Just put the second thought everyday in your mind, "Just do Good something today, to be a change or inspiration in ones life".
Drop by drop makes the mighty oceans and grain by grain makes the mighty deserts. If we start doing it today then we are able to change the whole map of the world forever!!

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even with effort and starting off wanting a good day, some days just end up shitty no matter what...sometimes its just the way it is...

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