Start talking about the "elephant in the room". Overpopulation is almost never mentioned in discussions about the environment.

There seems to be a taboo against directly addressing the simple fact that each human on this planet has some negative environmental impact. So do other animals, and some plants, but few of them are supported by the complex industrial, chemical, and resource-depleting lifestyles we have come to depend upon.

Politicians are unwilling to touch the subject, for fear of losing votes. Religious leaders want to expand their memberships, and are ignoring the inhumanity of the continued growth of population on the wellfare of future genereations.
Economists largely see more people as more labor, or consumer market, thus money is their concern, and they have a peculiar tendency to ignore any environmental consequence.

Scientists feel it is only their technical ideas they should offer, and never put forth the simple observation that ultimately, if population continues to grow, the best science can only be a temporary, partial solution to environmental decline.

Military leaders want more personnel, stronger armies.

It seems abundantly obvious that if a small percentage of the efforts of all these "leaders" went into developing a sense of personal responsibility to have small families, and to promote this behavior in others, the problem would solve itself.

Image for post Start talking about the "elephant in the room". Overpopulation is almost never mentioned in discussions about the environment.
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Every human being on the planet at this very instant can fit inside the state of Texas comfortably with plenty of room to spare:

1 square mile = 5280 x 5280 square feet = 27,878,400 square feet. So 268,581 square miles = 7,487,608,550,400. For simplicity say 7.5 x 1012. That divided by 7 x 109 is indeed over 1000 square feet per person. Without even leaving the state of Texas. So space is a non-issue.

For food, farming technology is always improving, it will surely continue to do so. People freaked out because they thought the globe was over populated before the green revolution in the early 20th century.

For gasoline, we have a lot. Not an unlimited amount, but enough to last for decades, and I'm faithful that reliable, efficient photo-voltaic power is going to arrive before the oil stops flowing.

Pretty much everything else can be replaced by photo voltaic batteries or is already renewable, so yeah, I'm not even slightly worried about over population in any way. And besides, people are usually awesome, so the more the merrier. Who knows, maybe someone born after the arbitrary limit is reached is the one to master hydrogen fueled engines.

Yeah, let's blame overpopulation instead of blaming those who hoard the world's resources for the sake of profit.

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