The day that we solve all our problems, is the same day we give up our borders and unite as one species trying to save the planet.

All my life I have seen the world through my own eyes. This is only because it's nearly impossible to see through someone else's. All I have is my own thoughts and feelings. Somehow, I've managed to see beyond myself. Eventually, I recognized that when a child pushes another child off of a slide, it's the same as when a man draws a line that is not to be crossed.
Our world is divided and from each corner of this divided world, there are people who save lives and people who destroy lives. Every turn on this planet there are people who solve problems and people who cause problems. There is an answer for every problem, every disaster and every question that we have. The real problem is those answers are scattered far from those questions. If we united as a planet, gave up money and gave up division, people would help people. As earthlings we would help each other, as a species we would survive. As the dominant animal we will save our planet and live in harmony. However, this day will only come, when the lines of separation come crashing down.

Image for post The day that we solve all our problems, is the same day we give up our borders and unite as one species trying to save the planet.
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you had me, then you lost me.

We cannot "save" the planet. We can live in harmony with nature but a speck cannot save a colossus. The planet will be what it is regardless of what we "speciecentric" humans do.

We cannot even begin to imagine what effect our efforts will have on nature. Do something we think is helpful and completely thro the nature into a tizzy.

You cannot save something that is not in peril. Humans are in peril, other species are in peril, the planet is not going anywhere.

sooo truuueee...

If the planet is in danger, that is one of our problems. If we need to unite in order to solve this problem, then not having done that yet is also one of our problems. If we've already solved all our problems, then we've already given up our borders and united etc. Therefore unless you're saying we can solve all our problems in one day, this post is wrong.
But seriously, I don't see how "giving up our borders" will solve all our problems. There could be as many civil wars in one country as there are wars between the existing 200. Creating a government for this giant country would be nearly impossible because it would have to meet the needs of everyone (especially China, if the government is a democracy). As for the planet, the only countries who care are the countries who are causing the problem, and there's only so much we can do about global warming without pulling the plug altogether. Ultimately, even if we set aside arbitrary differences like colour, religion and geography, we still have to deal with the real differences of income, society, environment, personal ambition, and way of life. Maybe if all 7 billion people combined into one giga-person then it would work, but otherwise we will always be separated as individuals, no matter what we do.

open boarders would be the end of USA as we know it. Keep south Americans in their own d GD part of the world.

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