Is competition good?

Competition can be seen as a good and bad aspect. It's good because it encourages others to do better and work harder.
However, competition can also be negative because it might discourage some people and stress others.

So, would you encourage or discourage competition?

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To a certain extent, Yes. Competition is a type of motivation that would help you improve, but getting too competitive could be an issue as they say "Do not do anything too much or too little."

Competition is good for people who like it and bad for those who don't. If you don't like competition it'll be incredibly difficult to take part in anything competitive. (Personal experience. If i sense competition i just say "forget it" and go do something else)

Yes - to a point.

Yes - to a point.

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You are absolutely incorrect. Schools discourage people from trying and give awards based on conduct and also academics. Everyone has favorites and one person would be always considered a favorite which would in turn discourage the competition. They'd give up because they know they'll never win.

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