What is politics without slander, smokes and mirrors, and/or spin?

I have prompted this inquiry on the basis that elections for the next president is around the corner in the United States.

Whenever there is some type of a legislative election, whether in a student body to a nation wide election, there is always some type of slander looming somewhere around every candidate.

It really bothers me how all these pass as qualities a leader must uphold in order to create positive change. There hasn't been any leaders running for a position of importance that has not used some type of a smear campaign or making promises they do not follow.

I would much rather root for a candidate that is honest and can identify their own faults. A leader who can see their own faults is a leader worth supporting. Many candidates I have observed in governmental positions act as though they are perfect and have no faults. Have you ever met a "perfect" person?

I believe everyone is entitled to make errors, but observe their improvements from their points of error.

Could any election for a position of power survive without using any of these smokes and mirrors to spin information in order to create slander for their opponents?

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