Does democracy need "the draft" ?

Compel citizens into the military, even in peacetime?

If everyone shared in ALL of the the potential costs of going to war, then we might more actively engage in a debate about going to war at all.

No exceptions for the rich, or the famous, or the connected. If serving in the military is good enough for the poor seeking the GI Bill funding, and for the immigrants seeking an accelerated path to citizenship, then military service is good enough for the wealthier people too.

If our democracies are worth defending, and if they ought to be at war, then this must be true. Right? If either is untrue, then is it not our duty as citizens to either improve the country, or get out of the war?

To be a citizen-soldier is noble! Anyone else is a mercenary. When the citizens of the Republic of Roman made slaves take their place in the ranks of the legions (or otherwise bought their way out of defending their own country) degradation of the Republic into a dictatorship followed.

Even in peacetime, should we staff the military through mandatory service lotteries?

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